Cochlear Implants

What Children with Cochlear Implants Need at School
Stay tuned for more information about HOPE  Workshops.  With the majority of children with cochlear implants now attending school in public or private mainstream classrooms, parents and school professionals should be prepared to explain and address the child’s needs. These courses will review key topics that can help achieve a favorable classroom environment and provide guidance for the regular classroom teacher. Although the focus will be on children with cochlear implants, much of the content is relevant to the needs of any child with hearing loss. The one-day workshop will take place at the Cochlear Implant Center at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center in Baltimore, Md. 
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HOPE Workshops
HOPE in-person workshops are part of a comprehensive suite of rehabilitation resources from Cochlear Americas designed to support educational and therapeutic professionals working with children and adults with cochlear implants. Some training opportunities, tools, and written materials are intended for use by adult recipients and parents of children with implants.

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